Real Gaming Courting Displaced Ultimate Poker Players

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The closure of Ultimate Poker has left a number of online poker players in limbo, and while many feel will be the biggest beneficiary and attract most of these wayward players, as Yoda said, “there is another.” That other is Real Gaming, the online poker room of South Point Poker which has been unable to gain a foothold in the Nevada market since it launched in February. Shoddy software (which has been improved and upgraded since the site first launched) is mainly to blame. It appears Real Gaming is looking to change its fortunes as it is making what it feels is a serious overture to Ultimate Poker’s former players (Ultimate had peak traffic in the hundreds, it wasn’t a ghost town), by offering to match their previous Ultimate Poker account balances up to $3,000, in what the site is calling “Ultimate Match” promotion. Per their press release: The fine print Unfortunately, the match bonus is not as good as it sounds upon first reading, and it’s doubtful it will have much of an impact on where Ultimate Poker players eventually end up. Like any deposit bonus there is a play-through requirement to the Ultimate Match bonus, and while this one does clear at a better rate than most, it’s far from an earth-shattering offer. Here is how it works: For every $50 in rake contributed you will receive $10 in bonus money. This works out to a 20% rakeback rate, which doesn’t seem to be enough incentive to lure very many players to Real Gaming (an inferior site to both in terms of software and player pool), and it appears Real Gaming realizes this as they are highlighting the mundane fact that you have a full year to clear the bonus money. It’s too bad, because this seems like a missed opportunity. As Robert DellaFave recently detailed, the current bonus method used by online poker sites needs a major overhaul. Real Gaming’s Ultimate Match bonus is simply more of the same. It’s simply the same old bag of traditional M&M’s with a couple extra M&M’s in it, when what was needed a new bag full of delicious Peanut M&M’s. For example, Real Gaming could have attracted quite a few Ultimate Poker players if they had just tweaked the promotion slightly. What I would have done is offer an instant match up to $1,000 on all players coming from Ultimate Poker OR You could then set strict play through requirements to cash out these funds. What they are offering is just a single step up from the normal online poker site offers. If they wanted to really make a splash they should have gone for the fences. For complete rules, see Real Gaming’s site. Previous Post Next Post real gaming|ultimate poker| About Steve Ruddock Steve Ruddock is a longtime member of the online gambling industry. He covers the regulated US online casino and poker industries for variety of publications, including,,, and USA Today.

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